Enduring value of Art over time

An invisible thread creates a subtle web of connections between the various arts.

The skilled hands of the artist guided by his creativity shape the material, transforming it into a unique “piece” destined to acquire value over time, whether it is a painting or a sculpture, a drawing or a photograph, an antique or modern piece of furniture, a craft object of yesterday or today.

The genius of the artist today goes further, thanks to his intuition of the almost imperceptible link between the various arts and the mixture that can be created between them, an intuition that he manages to make manifest through the filter of his own emotionality and expressiveness and from which springs a work destined to awaken the complex emotional universe within us and never cease to amaze us.

Through its showroom and online shop, FiloARTE caters to a discerning clientele, passionate about unique works of Art belonging to the present or the past from collections of well-known artists, to a clientele that loves to furnish the space in which they live, work or relax with furniture of original and refined design, sometimes daring, or with exclusive handcrafted objects, with the aim of creating a unique living space, quintessential to the personality and taste of those who dwell there.