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Augustine Rossi

Born in Locarno (CH) on October 19, 1965, Agostino Rossi grew up in an environment where Art was an intrinsic component of family life.

Trained initially as a wood craftsman, he later continued his studies at the School of Art and graduated as an interior architect.

The manual dexterity assimilated in his early formative years and the artistic sensibility innate in his family, contribute to his landing in the world of Photography.

His great passion becomes black and white Photography, in which he is able to best express his artistic talents .

Favorite themes become abstraction of landscapes, elements drawn from nature, architectural setting, theater scenes.

Augustine’s photographic work reveals itself to be increasingly broad, articulate, highly personal and complex.

Sensitivity and quality distinguish his meticulous work.

His “visions” move and harmonize between subject, space, movement, stasis, silence, rustling of gestures.

No words are needed to express or interpret his art.

Everything is entrusted to his work: the Photograph .

The photographer is no longer the one who returns to the viewer the mere imprint of what is before his eyes, but becomes …. Creator.    

Selected works