Claudio Caffetto

Claudio Caffetto was born in Brescia (I) on May 7, 1942.

Growing up in the climate of the immediate postwar period, he demonstrated from a young age a great passion for painting and sculpture, which soon led him to deepen his knowledge of them thanks to continuous and stimulating contact with artistic circles of the time and architectural studies.

The predisposition of his creative spirit pushed him toward greater freedom of expression, toward the search for a personal artistic path.

Later, his spontaneous and sociable nature and passion for art led him to open his house-museum and foundry to such well-known artists as G. Cosentino, A. Meli, Berocal, R. Pigola, F. Grignani, Dadamaino, Delima Medeiros, Hsiao Chin, G.A. Cavellini, with whom a close working relationship was born and a heated artistic-cultural debate was established.

This collaboration will lead to the creation of singular works in different metals such as bronze, aluminum, copper and pewter, as well as materials such as terracotta and wood.

Some of these works are offered today by filoARTE, which wishes in this way to remember a great artist who recently passed away.

Selected works