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Ludmilla Radchenko

Siberian, born in November 1978, Fashion Design graduate and multifaceted artist, Ludmilla Radchenko in her works  mixes photographs captured during experiences and travels.

Far from the traditional Pop Art style, Radchenko presents her subjects in a socially charged key.

His anarchic painterly strokes applied to the precision of digital processing create compositions rich in visual messages, collages of everyday life with brushstrokes of irony.

These meaning-soaked works are meant to engage the viewer and induce him  to  work out his own key.

  Radchenko has always been attracted to Pop Art, probably due  to a childhood spent in a country where bright  colors, logos,  brands and advertising typical of modern culture were banned, elements that instead became focal points of a hidden desire.

As she explains : “Pop Art instinctively transformed into Pop Realism became a perfect way to fill my spaces and express my worldview.”

Ludmilla Radchenko currently lives and works in Milan, Italy, where she opened her own art studio.

In December 2010 his first catalog “Power Pop,” published by Skira, was released in Feltrinelli bookstores.

The artist’s creativity is not limited to the canvas, but crosses over into areas such as fashion and design.

His commissions include some works made for some rock stars such as Grace Jones and Jamiroquai, for Moto GP world champions Jorge Lorenzo and F1 champion Sebastian Vettel.

Always an advocate of the importance of environmental policies, today The Artist renews her style with newly developed colors and materials, giving new life to discarded objects and transforming them into true works of art.

For  this purpose, his 2014 “Fabrique du Fragrance” Collection is reborn as an “art multiple” in perfect Pop style.

Innovative colors and materials combine to convey a message of sustainability through artistic communication.   



Selected works