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Bathroom corner created on the harmonious contrast between Mediterranean style and modern style.

The top of the undertop washbasin and the upper side shelf were made of prestigious Botticino Marble with rounded shapes; a few vertical skirting boards in the same material and a wenge band were inserted to complete it, masking the lower part of the washbasin.

Dim. Cm. 80 x 60 x 25

A large cantilevered cabinet with four frosted glass sliding doors, framed by wenge profiles and with four interior shelves made of white lacquered mdf, was inserted into the side niche above the stairwell.

Dim. Cm. 100 x 80

Dim. Cm. 140 x 90

The ingenious solution made maximum use of a space that tends to remain closed or unused.

The use of frosted glass also gives a greater effect of brightness and spaciousness to the room.

And the Mediterranean effect is accentuated even more by the color chosen for the walls and low walls: a vibrant turquoise that recalls the freshness and cheerfulness of the sea and sky.